🔥Want To Add 5, 10 Or Even 20kgs To Your 1 Rep Max?🔥

Come Join Our Powerlifting Classes and add Kilos to your 1 Rep Max 🏋

We will teach you the “big three” fundamental lifts Squat, Bench and Deadlift and our Coach will guide you at every session to ensure you are lifting with good technique.

🔥Start date: 7th April / 8th April🔥
Monday 7:30PM / Thursday 7:30PM
Tuesday 6:00PM / Thursday 6:00PM

Bookings Essential Limited Spaces

Powerlifting Class includes:
A proven programme designed by Daniel Rudolph Head Coach at Kiwi-strength
2 sessions per week
Access to Kiwi-Strength Training App
Movement assessment
1RM testing
Finale progress testing

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And invest in your training with Kiwi-Strength, and get the motivation, guidance, and support you need to achieve those gains. 🔥

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