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Welcome To Kiwi Strength; Where Your Goals Become Achievable!

Are you in the lifting game and want to reach your full potential?


Are you determined to become the strongest version of yourself and want an experienced coach to get you where you want to go?


If so, then Kiwi Strength is exactly where you need to be!


Kiwi Strength offers strength training and coaching services to aspiring lifters from around the world. It was created by Daniel Rudolph, who is currently an international referee for IPL, USPA, IPLNZ, GPC, and is also the IPLNZ president – not to mention he has designed and produced his own series of high-end quality powerlifting gear!


Trust yourself in the hands of a man who is a national IPF, GPC, IPLNZ and New Zealand Strongman record holder and has been training for over eighteen years, and competitively powerlifting for the past ten!


If excellence and immense body power are what you seek, and if you aren’t afraid of discipline, hard work, and self-control, then Daniel is the only person you need to achieve greatness!


Don’t Waste Another Second!

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