Pre And Post-Workout meals

Pre And Post-Workout meals

Whether it’s to lose weight, gain muscle or be fit, your diet plays a huge part in your body goal achievement. This means that you need to know your daily consumption in terms of calories and nutrients. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be completely worth it.

The next step after you get your overall diet and pick your workout plan is to look into pre and post-workout meals. These are the meals consumed before and after a workout respectively.

The perfect timing

Your pre-meal is taken 1-2 hours before working out and the post 40 minutes – 2 hours afterward.

The secret

These meals fuel your body, assist in muscle repair and growth as well as maintain your present muscle mass. They help you get the extra likes on your post.

Pre-workout nutrition

It needs to contain a carbohydrate-protein mix in either a liquid or solid form. What governs the form is the amount of time you have. If you lost track of time and noticed, you have about an hour to your work out then a liquid mix is perfect. If you have more time, then grab a solid mix. The mix is specific to these two categories because it prevents your muscles from being broken down and gives you enough energy to complete your session.


Your body gets fueled with energy, allowing you to lift those weights, run the extra mile and jump higher than you ever have. It’s a power-up in this game known as life.

Post-workout nutrition

You finally finish your training for the day and are on a fitness high. Grab the magical protein-carbohydrate mix after 40 minutes to replenish your lost body sugars. This meal mainly recovers and repairs your body.


It takes away muscle pain and fatigue.

Stocks up the energy you lost while exercising. Your body is like a phone, when your battery is low, always remember to charge it.

It helps build your muscles as well as preventing their breakdown. This should be the winning line for the bodybuilders out there.

Words of wisdom

Always remember that what you see when you’re staring at a mirror is as a result of what you consume. A diet plan may sound difficult, but it’s crucial. Do some research and plan; this will help out a lot. Get into the habit of knowing what you’re eating and do it in the best interest of your body. The moment you decided to go down the fitness route, you automatically chose a healthier way of life. Drop all the junk and pick up a load of self-control and discipline to maneuver your way.

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